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Michael Worden is a police sergeant and author who has redefined the genre of true
crime with his new book,
The Murder of Richard Jennings, by delving into the case
with a unique, fresh approach. He began researching several true historical crimes in
the fall of 2009, and has demonstrated an almost obsessive need to obtain information.

"These historical crimes are fascinating slices of our history," Worden recently said
about his research. "I want to tell the story of the crime in a way that no one else has.
The whole picture needs to be presented - the back story, the crime, the aftermath, and
even follow the players in the years after they faded from the headlines."

Worden wants to ensure that his books are historically accurate and relevant while also
being entertaining and fun to read. "The books, including the first one (
The Murder of
Richard Jennings -
now in print) will be thoroughly documented and noted," he said.
He continued, "but I am doing that in a way which is not dry and boring. I don't want
readers falling asleep the first five pages into the book. I don't want them to be able to
put it down!"

Michael also has said that his books are unique because he is seeking out the locations
of crime scenes, execution sites, burial sites, and other locations relevant to the various
crimes, and reexamining the cases from a unique point of view as a police detective.
He is also stubbornly seeking out images and portraits of the people involved.

He said that during the research into the Richard Jennings case he came across portraits
of the sheriff who had hanged two of the murderers, the judge who presided over the
case, as well as a drawing of one of the murderers!

"You can't believe how excited I was to see the faces of  these men for the first time,
especially that of Jack Hodges, one of the murderers. These are people I had studied
and written so much about, and now I was able to see what they looked like."

Michael is also the author of the 2009 book
Ghost Detective, which is about his
experiences as a paranormal researcher. Michael has been a paranormal investigator
for twenty years, and conducts ghost investigations and investigations into UFOs with
Linda Zimmeramnn.

Michael resides in Orange County, NY, with his wife and three sons. He is obsessed
with the band Joy Division, and is an avid traveller. His most recent adventures were
in September 2019, visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. His
most memorable moment from that trip was visiting the exact location in Liège,
Belgium, where his late grandfather had been stationed in 1945.  He was able to
recreate a photo of his grandfather sitting in the exact same spot on a monument.

He is a special FX makeup artist in training and has done some pretty cool work with
his friend and mentor Dani Masterson.

His favorite place to visit, of course, is Finland. He's been there eight times! A fun bit
of information: he has visited the following countries (some more than once) in no
particular order:

Finland (OK, Michael put this first because it is his favorite place to visit!)
United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland)

Michael says that this, along with two bucks, may just get you a cup of coffee.

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